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Unveil Festive Splendor: 5 Christmas Experiences at The Palace Hotel, Paignton, Devon

Embark on a magical journey with 5 Christmas Experiences at The Palace Hotel, a 3-star gem nestled in the heart of Paignton, Devon. Renowned for its high standards, this festive haven is just a stroll away from the town center and the seafront. The Palace Hotel isn’t just accommodation; it’s a winter wonderland where the air resonates with the warmth of Christmas. Picture a place where the interior exudes comfort, the restaurant promises delightful Christmas feasts, the lounge beckons with seasonal cheer, and a heated indoor swimming pool adds a touch of winter magic. Join us as we unveil the festive enchantment of the season and embark on a journey of holiday bliss at The Palace Hotel.
Kick off your holiday escape by exploring our specially curated festive packages, each designed to add a sprinkle of magic to your Christmas stay at The Palace Hotel.

Our Festive Packages

1. Festive Lunches

Indulge in the spirit of the season with our Festive Feasts, where every bite is a celebration. Delight in a feast that captures the essence of Christmas, surrounded by the warm and inviting atmosphere of The Palace Hotel.

2. Turkey and Tinsel

Discover the timeless magic of Christmas with our Turkey and Tinsel package. Enjoy the festive spirit with a specially designed holiday menu and cheerful decorations that whisk you away to a winter wonderland.

3. Twixmas Package

Extend the holiday cheer with our Twixmas Package. Relax and revel in the tranquil ambience as you enjoy the downtime between Christmas and New Year’s, savouring special treats and creating cherished memories.

4. Christmas 4-Night Package

Make this Christmas truly memorable with our dedicated Christmas Package. From festive decorations to a sumptuous Christmas feast, we’ve crafted an experience that captures the magic of the season, ensuring a holiday filled with joy and warmth.

5. New Year 4-Night Package

Bid farewell to the year in style with our New Year Extravaganza Package. Join us for a celebration filled with laughter, good company, and the promise of new beginnings. Ring in the New Year at The Palace Hotel, where memories are made and cherished.

Ready to make your holiday unforgettable? Read more and book your festive escape at The Palace Hotel and let the magic of the season unfold in the heart of Paignton, Devon.

5 Enchanting Christmas Experiences in Paignton

As you embark on your festive journey with The Palace Hotel, don’t miss out on these enchanting Christmas experiences waiting to be discovered in the heart of Paignton, Devon:

A Festive Family Train Ride on the Dartmouth Steam Railway

Embark on a magical Christmas journey aboard the Dartmouth Steam Railway, where the spirit of Christmas comes alive. Feel the festive enchantment as the train chugs along the scenic coastline, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations.

Encounter Santa and His Animal Friends at Paignton Zoo

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Paignton Zoo during the festive season, where Santa Claus takes up residence in his magical grotto. Share your Christmas wishes with the jolly man amidst the twinkling lights and festive atmosphere.

Explore the Festive Spirit in Local Christmas Markets

Explore the festive magic of local Christmas markets, each offering its unique charm. The town center market, open from late November to early January, presents a bustling scene with diverse stalls showcasing Christmas gifts, delectable food, and delightful drinks.

Witness the Enchanting Christmas Lights at Paignton Harbour

Stroll along the picturesque Paignton Harbour as it transforms into a winter wonderland, illuminated by a dazzling display of Christmas lights. The vibrant lights reflecting off the harbor waters create a mesmerizing spectacle.

Indulge in a Festive Feast at one of Paignton's Charming Restaurants

Gather your loved ones and indulge in a delightful Christmas feast at one of Paignton’s charming restaurants. Savoury traditional Christmas fare, such as roast turkey with all the trimmings, and indulge in festive desserts.

As you continue your Christmas adventure in Paignton, let these enchanting experiences add a touch of magic to your stay at The Palace Hotel.

A Family-Friendly Christmas in Paignton, Devon: Creating Magical Memories

As you’ve immersed yourself in the festive charm of Paignton with The Palace Hotel, you’re not just experiencing a holiday; you’re crafting magical memories with your loved ones. From the enchanting train rides to encounters with Santa and his furry friends, the dazzling lights at Paignton Harbour, and the festive feasts at charming restaurants, each moment is a precious thread in the tapestry of your family’s Christmas story.
Now, to make your Christmas truly special, book your Festive Adventure at The Palace Hotel. Let the warm ambience, the delightful festivities, and the welcoming spirit of Paignton be the backdrop to your holiday season. Create memories that will be cherished for years to come, surrounded by the comfort and magic that The Palace Hotel and Paignton have to offer.
Don’t let this opportunity slip away. Secure your spot for a festive escape that promises not just a stay, but a celebration filled with joy, laughter, and the spirit of Christmas. Book your stay at The Palace Hotel now and let the magic of a family-friendly Christmas in Paignton unfold.