Dining Experience


Step into a world where dining transcends the ordinary – welcome to The Pod experience. Here, indulgence meets innovation as you partake in a culinary journey under the star-studded sky. Be surrounded by friends and family, during your celebration.

The Pod, sleek and intimate, create a unique dining haven, blending the thrill of dining with the beauty of nature. Set beneath a canopy of stars, our pod offers an immersive dining experience that elevates the ordinary meal into an extraordinary event. Whether it’s a romantic evening for two or a joyous gathering of loved ones, The Pod experience caters to every occasion. Small Birthdays, Hendo’s, Christenings or private events we can cater for all.

Our pod accommodates up to 10 guests, where even your furry friends are welcome in the pod and garden areas. For a fee of £60, you can luxuriate in the ambiance of our pods for up to 4 hours. Enhance your experience with an additional £35 to decorate the pod.

Your pod hire includes a refreshing welcome drink, setting the tone for an evening of sophistication and enjoyment. Please note that the pod experience does not include food and beverages and these can be added as per our below menu.

The Pod Experience